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The Education Resource Center of South Dakota is an independent nonprofit corporation (501c3) established to provide curriculum resources, technical assistance, and professional development services to support schools, students, educators, and parents in and outside of South Dakota.

Safety EDventure

The mission of Safety EdVenture is to be a resource for K-12 schools and educators for safety, health, and injury prevention education programming  and curriculum materials.

  • Promote safety education and safe and healthy lifestyles for K-12 students.
  • Implement a challenging standards-based health and safety education curriculum at no cost to South Dakota schools.
  • Provide a resource for schools that is comprehensive and adaptable to different classroom and situations.
  • Address health and safety issues and trends of individual age groups.
  • Provide a needed resource for teachers in delivering health and safety education.

SD Safety KidZ

The mission of SD Safety KidZ is to promote safety education and safe and healthy lifestyles for K-3 students.

The SD Safety KidZ Club is a 12 month safety education program for students in grades K-3.  The program is presented in a club format, with monthly themes and weekly lessons, games, and activities on safety topics such as: traffic, pedestrian, bicycle, passenger, home, medication, weather, school, sports, farm, community, fire, animal and community helpers. Enrollment is limited to 2500 students in this initial program year (2016-2017). Register for the program on the application link.

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